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Reiki Treatments  

Reiki treatments are given to the person fully clothed and generally lying on a massage table. The Reiki practitioner gently places his/her hands on the head, the abdomen, the back, and any particular areas of pain or discomfort. Usually we use backgrond music to provide extra relaxation and quiet. Treatments last between 60-90 minutes.  

After the session, the client usually feels an increase in well-being, and a deeper relaxation than before. 

You don't need a specific place in order to do Reiki, although a clean and tidy place is always more comfortable. You can actually use Reiki in any place or time: a house, clinic, hospital, countryside or by the sea.  T

When someone is receiving Reiki for the first time, it must be done during 4 consecutive days, then once or twice a week until fully recovered. After that you may continue the sessions if you wish to.

Prices for session:

Reiki (60 minutes) 50 euros Bonus 10 sessions: 400 euros
Reiki (30 minutes) 30 euros  
Reiki + Auriculotherapy (30') 40 euros  
Auriculotherapy (20 ') 20 euros  
Akashic Record 60 euro  
Reflexology (45 ') 40 euros